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Employer Retaliation

When Your Employer Punishes You For Telling The Truth

Imagine you have discovered that certain people at the company you work for are engaging in discrimination or other illegal activities. You report the conduct to upper management and to the authorities. But instead of being congratulated for your honesty and commitment, your employer retaliates against you, or worse, fires you.

This is known as employer retaliation, and for many people, it is all too real. At Ralston Kinney, LLC, we help people throughout Kansas City, Missouri, who have lost their jobs or otherwise suffered illegal punishment after becoming a whistleblower.

An Overview Of Employer Retaliation

State and federal laws prohibit employers from getting revenge against a whistleblower. Whistleblowers are employees who report potentially illegal activity, or participate in a government investigation against the company. State and federal law protects so-called “whistleblowers” from retaliatory termination or other actions by the employer. As your attorneys, we will help you fight back against retaliation and get you compensated for your damages.

Elements Of A Retaliation Claim

To prove that you were the victim of employer retaliation, usually you must prove three things:

  • You were engaged in a protected activity, such as reporting illegal hiring practices
  • Your employer punished you in some way
  • The punishment was the result of your protected activity

We are lawyers with extensive experience in employment law, and we have successfully represented numerous victims of employer retaliation. We build a strong case to use as leverage in settlement negotiations, or to take to court. You should not have to suffer harm to your career because you stood up for the law, or because you applied for workers’ compensation.

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