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Public Accommodation Discrimination

You Are Entitled To Equal Access To Public Places

People in Kansas City, Missouri, know that discrimination does not just happen in private spaces like the workplace. Unfortunately, many people have suffered discrimination in places that are supposed to be open to everybody: schools, university campuses, parks, stores and so on.

Our firm, Ralston Kinney, LLC, helps victims of public accommodation discrimination get justice from the owners who either committed the discrimination, or allowed it to happen. Missouri residents are entitled to equal treatment when they are in a public space, regardless of their race, skin color, national origin, disability status or other reasons outlined in the law. It is up to you to enforce your rights when you have suffered illegal discrimination.

What Are Public Spaces?

Public accommodation laws break down public spaces into two categories:

  • Government-owned or -operated buildings, facilities and services. These include jails, public hospitals, parks, courthouses and many government buildings, along with benefits programs.
  • Privately owned or operated buildings, facilities and services. For example, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, retail stores and movie theaters.

In general, if a business or facility is open to the general public, the owners and operators of that space or service must accommodate all visitors and customers without discriminating against certain groups.

The federal Americans with Disabilities Act requires public spaces and services to provide reasonable accommodations to make their facilities accessible to people living with disabilities. If you have been denied reasonable accommodation to a public space, you may have been the victim of discrimination.

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Public Accommodation Discrimination