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Sexual Harassment

Stop Sexual Harassment In Your Workplace

Ralston Kinney, LLC, can help you if you have been sexually harassed in the workplace. For years, we have successfully represented victims of sexual harassment in the Kansas City, Missouri, area. We will help put a stop to the harassing behavior you are experiencing, and may be able to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Identifying Sexual Harassment

“Sexual harassment” can mean a lot of different types of misconduct, but it can be hard to tell if what is happening to you is harassment, or behavior that is bothersome but not illegal. There are essentially two forms of sexual harassment:

  • Quid Pro Quo. In this form of sexual harassment, your supervisor or other person in a position of authority at your job threatens to fire or “punish” you if you do not submit to sex. Alternately, the supervisor might offer you promotions or other benefits in exchange for sex.
  • Hostile Work Environment. Instead of directly pressuring you to have sex, this form of harassment involves a supervisor or co-worker who exposes you to sexually suggestive or explicit pictures, jokes or comments. The behavior must be so pervasive that it creates a toxic work environment for you.

Proving sexual harassment can be challenging, but as a skilled employment law attorney, I will listen carefully to your account of what happened. We will examine the evidence and build a case against your harasser, and the managers who failed to take action.

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Sexual Harassment