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The Risks Of Social Media

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram allow us to share more of our lives with our friends and family than ever before. However, if you are not careful, you can accidentally share more than you intend and with viewers you do not want — especially if you are involved in a workplace discrimination case or have initiated an internal complaint.

The law firm, Ralston Kinney, LLC, represents victims of employment discrimination throughout Kansas City, Missouri. We understand what it takes to build a successful claim against an employer, and what can hurt, or even ruin, those efforts. One such mistake is talking about your case, and topics people other than yourself will think are related to your case, on the Internet, especially on social media sites.

How Your Tweets Might Damage Your Case

Once you put something on social media, it is essentially out there forever, where anybody can find it — including the parties you are suing. Any comments, photos, videos or other content you upload that is related to your case could damage your ability to prove your claim. Even text messages and emails can come back to haunt you.

Being very careful on and with social media can never hurt. Discussing your case on Facebook can. All comment, video and photo posts could become “evidence” in a case. And no amount of “likes” or retweets is worth losing a rightful employment discrimination claim.

As your lawyers, we will work hard to give you the best possible chance to prevail. With my help, you may be able to receive substantial financial compensation to make up for the deprivation of your civil rights and suffering you have endured.

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